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Fare Cards, tickets, passes and transfers are non-refundable.  BCTA will not refund, replace or exchange any type of Fare Media. 

Passengers are responsible for all fare cards, tickets, passes and transfers.  It is important to keep cards in good condition.  If the fare card is unable to be read by the fare box, the passenger is responsible to pay the correct fare using another form of payment; either another fare card or cash.

BCTA’s fare cards utilize a magnetic strip on the back.  This is where the information is stored for the value of the pass.  These magnetic strips are just like a credit card magnetic strip.  Treat your BCTA fare cards as though they are credit cards.  Any physical damage to the black magnetic strip on the back can make the card unusable.  The magnetic strip on the back can also be “demagnetized” which then makes them invalid.

The demagnetization can occur in many situations. Especially if the magnetic strip is near even a low strength magnet for an extended period.

  • The magnet on many refrigerator doors that keep them closed are very strong and exposure to this magnet can demagnetize your card quickly.
  • Most magnets you use on your refrigerator used to hold things up are not very strong– HOWEVER, exposure to this type of magnet for a period of time can make your pass unreadable.
  • Magnets used to hold clasps shut like purse and wallet magnets can also demagnetize your card. You need to keep your magnetized cards at least an inch or more away from the magnet.
  • Some store security tag deactivators can demagnetize your card. To be safe, do not place your bus pass near deactivators that are built into the checkout surface that the store clerk uses to demagnetize the security tags.
  • Of course, everyone knows that an MRI machine has very strong magnets. Do not have your card even in the same room as an MRI machine.
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