Paying the Fare

If you need assistance in determining how to use cash, tickets, or passes when boarding a BCTA vehicle, please read on:

As you board the bus, please have your exact fare ready in the form of cash, pass, or ticket.

  • This will help speed the boarding process and keep the bus on-time
  • Drivers do not carry change

You will not be permitted to de-board at an interim stop to get the correct change to pay your fare – this makes it too difficult for the driver to keep track of customers and their individual fares, and exposes BCTA to fraud.

Fare Cards, tickets, passes and transfers are non-refundable.  BCTA will not refund, replace or exchange any type of Fare Media. 

Passengers are responsible for all fare cards, tickets, passes and transfers.  It is important to keep cards in good condition.  If the fare card is unable to be read by the fare box,  the passenger is responsible to pay the correct fare using another form of payment; either another fare card or cash.

If paying by cash, fare cards or paper transfer:

  • You will notice two slots on the fare box
  • Coins are dropped in the right slot
  • Paper media are deposited in the slot on the left or swiped across the magnetic strip reader in the middle

To ensure that the correct fare is being paid, and help to prevent fare box breakdowns, bills, must be unfolded before being placed into the fare box.

Do not bend or fold fare cards.  Keep the magnetic strip protected from damage. This includes not storing it near a magnet or a cell phone as this might erase the magnetic strip.

If you need to transfer to another BCTA or Port Authority bus, ask the driver for a transfer

If you are purchasing a Day Pass, please notify the driver

If paying by magnetic pass, ticket, or BCTA transfer:

  • There will be a small box with a slot in the top in the immediate area of the main farebox
  • If the magnetic card is used up or expired, the box will reject it – expired cards are not valid for fare payment
  • If you have trips or money remaining on the card, the box will process it and pass it back to you for future use