Identifying the Bus

Confused about where you should wait in order to catch a BCTA bus?  Don’t be!  It’s easy to use our complete stop lists to find a bus stop close to your home, work, or other destination, and just as easy to pinpoint the exact location of that bus stop.

Just remember the following guidelines:

  • Printed timetables only include major timepoints – this is the practice due to the large total number of stops in the system
  • However, we have many more stops that are not listed in our paper timetables
  • You may call BCTA for specific stops close to your origin and destination, request a full stop list by mail, or, better yet, view and print the full stop lists directly from this website!
  • Bus stops are generally listed in the following format:  MAIN STREET / NEAREST CROSS STREET For example, Merchant Street / 11th Street means along Merchant Street, at or near 11th Street
  • Most stops are also designated “near side” or “far side” For example, a “near side” stop at Merchant Street / 11th Street would mean you would wait along Merchant before the intersection with 11th
  • Based upon the direction the bus is traveling, it would reach you before it reaches the intersection
  • Once you figure out where you need to wait, look for the BCTA Bus Stop sign
    It is 12″ wide by 24″ inches tall and it features a white, black, and blue color scheme.