Persons with Disabilities Fares


To get the eligibility process started, fill out a Reduced Transit Fare Application by visiting the Authority’s office located at 200 West Washington Street, Rochester, PA  15074 or use the link for the PDF application.

NOTE:  Riders younger than 65 can use a permanent Medicare Card for reduced fare.

Disabled individuals who are independently able to ride transit vehicles at half-fare will receive a Reduced Transit Fare Identification Card if their disability is certified by a doctor or by an administrator of an authorized social service agency, or if in possession of a Medicare Card and under 65 years of age.

Per PENNDOT, in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration, the following Exceptions apply:

  1. Handicaps or mobility limitations due solely to pregnancy, obesity, or an alcoholic or illegal drug related problem, are not considered to be eligible handicaps for the purposes of this program.
  2. Persons whose handicap is of such a nature that it is likely to prove hazardous to himself, or fellow passengers for the safe operation of the vehicle under normal operating conditions, should not be encouraged to use mass transit. Contact your transit operator for organizations who provide transportation for special needs.

The certifying doctor should be the disabled individuals personal or family physician.  Social service agencies which may be authorized to certify applicants under this program are Beaver County Rehabilitation Center (BCRC), Beaver County Behavioral Health (BCBH), HAP, Vocational Rehabilitation, Aurora, Mental Health Association, Societies for the Blind or Deaf, United Cerebral Palsy Organization, and Dialysis Centers.  Any other agency used to certify a disability must be approved in advance by BCTA Management.

Please note that any agency that has physicians on staff (i.e. psychiatrist or any other type of medical doctor) or has a physician they use for their agency can have that physician certify half fare applications for clients.  Certification from a counselor or minister at an organization is not acceptable, unless that person is a physician.

Click here to download and print a Reduced Transit Fare Identification Card Application Form