Free Senior Transit Program

Persons aged 65 and older can ride FREE on BCTA fixed route services all day, every day!  To become eligible, a customer must present proof of age and fill out a brief application at the Rochester Transportation Center.  Once eligibility is established, the customer receives a Free Senior Transit Identification Card.  Each time the senior citizen wishes to ride with BCTA, they must display their Free Senior Transit ID card to the driver upon boarding the bus.  This card can also be used to receive reduced fare transportation on BCTA’s DART system and is valid on all transit systems in Pennsylvania.

The Free Senior Citizen Transit Card is honored by all Pennsylvania transit providers and can be used while traveling in Pittsburgh or anywhere in Pennsylvania to receive free fixed-route and reduced fare para-transit services!

In lieu of a free senior transit identification card, BCTA also accepts a government issued proof of age documents showing date of birth (driver license, non-driver ID card or passport) to establish eligibility for free travel.  These documents must be presented to the driver as you board.  However, this accommodation may not apply outside of Beaver County, so please check with the other transit system(s) you plan to ride with before embarking on your trip.

Senior riders that do not present their senior transit identification card or a government issued proof of age document (such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport) upon boarding the vehicle may be required to pay the full fare.

Click here to download and print a Senior Citizen Transit Identification Card Application Form