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Environment Benefits
Riding the bus helps cut back on CO2 emissions. Less people driving alone equates to fewer vehicles on the road, which means less greenhouse gases.
Time Benefits
The average commute to work in Pittsburgh, is 36-39 minutes. That's time that can be spent on yourself. Check our list of commuter friendly activities.
Gas Benefits
Gas prices fluctuate and aren't consistent. Taking the bus ensures accuracy when creating a budget. Use the commuter calculator to find your savings.
Parking Benefits
Finding a parking spot can be tough! Save time and money by letting BCTA do the hard work. What about emergencies? See the True or False section below.

True or False
"It's cheaper to drive my own vehicle to work."
The average commute into to Pittsburgh is 36-39 minutes. That equates to 1.25 hours a day and 6 hours a week! Don't forget to include that unpredictable fender bender in the middle lane or traffic due to the opening game of the season. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on gas per month. Don't forget the parking garage either.

clock graphic Find Your Savings With The Commuter Calculator Today!
Fill out the information below and your estimated commuting cost(s) will calculate.

Equals the sum of: (.58X(A x B))+(C x B)+(D x B)

Equals the answer of the monthly cost x 12
* American Automobile Association's 2015 Your Driving Cost, average cost estimate ($.58 per mile, which includes fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration fees, taxes, depreciation, and finance charges.)

"Having a vehicle at work is the only way to prepare for an emergency."
Life happens. That leftover sushi for lunch may not have been a good idea. Now you are stuck at work, feeling ill. Not anymore - BCTA partners with the Commute Info Emergency Ride Home. This service provides reimbursement for commuters in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency, personal illness, unscheduled overtime, or other covered event.
Prepare for an Unexpected Event by Learning More

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"If I commute, I won't be able to come and go as I please."
No one wants to feel trapped, especially at work. Now you can commute and have your freedom too! BCTA offers a discounted rate for Zipcar. What is Zipcar you ask? Your key to freedom. Zipcar is a car sharing service that allows you to rent by the hour or day. Zipcar vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, pickup trucks, minivans and luxury vehicles, are parked at designated spots throughout Pittsburgh. It's as easy as scan and go.
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Do More With Your Time
clock graphic The average commute to Pittsburgh is 36-39 minutes. Free your time by utilizing BCTA. See our list of commuter friendly activities you could be enjoying, instead of being stuck in traffic.
Activity Read
Activity Catch Up
Activity Listen
Activity Relax
Do you have a way you like to spend your commute? We are looking for interesting or fun stories about our riders that we can share. Submit yours below, and we may contact you about publishing it.
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