Real-Time Trip Planner & Bus Tracker

BCTA knows your time is valuable. That is why we have introduced a bus tracker that is easy, free, and in real-time.

Why not create an account for myStop? When you do, you can set up recurring text and email alerts for all the stops and routes you use, add quiet times to avoid interruptions when preferred and customize your personal settings. Follow the directions outlined below to create your own myStop account and begin planning your recurring trips.

BCTA’S New SMS Real-Time Stop Information

BCTA has a new number to text for real-time stop information using your stop’s “Stop Code”. You can get real-time information right at your stop by texting the stop code located on the sign at your bus stop. Text BCT plus the code to 321-123. Our Bus Stop signs are in the process of being updated with the new information. BCTA thanks you for your patience as we make this transition.

BCTA Trip Planner & Bus Tracker
Instructions for Setting Up Your Account

  1. Logon to BCTA’s lnfo Point website
  2. Click on ‘Try myStop’
    1. Located in upper right corner of page
  3. In the popup click on ‘Sign Up Now’
  4. Enter a valid email twice
  5. Create a password  twice
  6. Then click on ‘register
    1. You will be sent a confirmation code to the email address you entered
    2. This will be needed to validate your account
  7. Log into your email and jot down the confirmation code
    1. Enter this code when prompted back on the lnfoPoint website to validate your myStop account
  8. Click on the blue text- ‘profilehyperlink to access your account and to begin customizing your account
  9. Within your profile settings there are two tabs that you can use:
  • My Subscriptions:
    • Add the routes and stops you use
    • Set up alerts
    • Set up ‘ Quiet Times’
    • Check the box to add ‘Public Messages’ notifications for service changes/updates
    • Then save your categories
  • Personal Info:
    • Add your name
    • Enter your phone number – this is required to receive text alerts on your mobile device
    • Set up ‘Quiet Times’
    • Indicate your notification method
    • Phone verification is required to receive text alerts

BCTA Trip Planner & Bus Tracker Webpage Instructions

The Bus Tracker webpage allows riders to see real-time passenger information! They can create an account for recurring alerts or set one-time alerts, see all stop locations for routes, view next departure times, plan trips, see costs and transfers, submit feedback, view public messages for service changes, and even see how many people are on board.

Enter the BCTA Bus Tracker location into a search engine (Edge, Chrome…) (

  1. Use the Routes menu to select the route(s) you want to view on the map.
  2. The Rout 2 route is currently displayed.
  3. The stops menu will display all stops for the routes you’ve selected.
  4. Use this menu to see stop names, stop ID’s, departure times, and for setting alerts
    1. Click on a bus bubble/stop  location on the  map to view next  departure times,  its destination, how many people are onboard, and more
  5. Stop locations are indicated by grey circles and blue clocks
    1. Click on Trip Planner to plan a trip
  6. Select start and end points, use dropdown menu to select times for travel
    1. Click on Set Alert to create a one- time alert
  7. Or create an account to receive recurring alerts by email/phone
    1. Click Public Messages to view messages for updates/ changes in route service (detours, holiday changes, etc.)

BCTA Trip Planner & Bus Tracker Mobile Application

The BCTA Bus Tracker phone app allows riders to set one-time alerts,  see stop locations, view next departure times,  plan trips,   see costs and transfers, submit feedback, view public messages for service changes. It’s that quick and that easy!