Animal Policy

In many cases, your animal friends are welcome to ride along with you on board BCTA vehicles, but with certain restrictions.  It is important to note that these restrictions protect the safety of other passengers as well as the animal.

“Service animals,” which provide some manner of bona-fide assistance to persons with disabilities (for example, dogs that assist persons with visual impairments), are welcome on board BCTA vehicles at all times.

Other animals, not classified as “service animals,” are permitted on board the bus with their owner if the animal is in an approved pet carrier that fits on the owner’s lap.  An approved pet carrier would be a device such as one that is purchased at a pet store (Petco, PetsMart, etc.) for the purpose of safely transporting an animal in an enclosed manner.  This does not include any bags, cardboard boxes, etc, nor does it include large carriers such as a fish tank, cage, or terrarium that does not fit on the owner’s lap.

In all cases, the animal should be under the direct observation and control of its owner at all times while on board the vehicle.