BCTA Service and Service Delivery History

  • BCTA begins a fixed route operation with McCarter Transit as a local subcontractor in November 1982.
  • BCTA briefly sponsors passenger rail service until 1984.
  • BCTA creates a county-wide shared-ride public transportation program called DART (Demand and Response Transit) in February 1983.
  • BCTA assumes fixed route and shared ride services operated by the Greater Aliquippa Transit Authority (GATA) in 1985.
  • BCTA starts Express A & B Service into Pittsburgh in July, 1991 (currently Express Routes 3 & 4) and executes an agreement with the Port Authority of Allegheny County for use of the West Busway.
  • BCTA consolidates fixed route and shared-ride services under one contractor upon completion of the ETC in 2001.
  • BCTA becomes a self-operating Authority in May 2003.
  • BCTA restructures fixed route operations in November 2002 creating a pulse-based system with a simplified route and fare structure and added fare media; a service model still in place today.